Arte Gioconda creates unique art T-Shirts, which express Italian culture and beauty.

For years, we have dedicated our work to the diffusion of art through our quality products, imprinting the greatest masterpieces in the history of art on t-shirts that represent the passion and love for art that exists within everyone our.

By listening carefully to our customers and the voices on the street, we have decided that it is time for a change.

It's time to innovate how we share art with the world

We don't just print an image on a t-shirt, we go further.

Our t-shirts feature world-famous works of art from unique and unusual angles, letting you see these works in a whole new light...

Timeless art in step with the latest trends

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Arte Gioconda was born from the love for art and beauty .

We have been working for years alongside the most prestigious museums and art galleries to promote culture through t-shirts or other objects that show the general public works by important classical and contemporary artists.

We do not limit ourselves to simply printing the work but try to suggest new ways of looking at the most famous paintings in the history of art through new cuts or by focusing on a detail rather than the complete work.

We didn't stop at art: our country, with its great variety of breathtaking landscapes, offers a different spectacle every time someone admires it.

Lakes, mountains, rivers, hills, countryside, small or large villages rich in history and charm, leave deep emotions and memories in the visitor's heart, which are difficult to erase.

Arte Gioconda also wants to celebrate this side of Italian beauty and for this reason we have designed T-shirts representing landscapes such as that of Lake Iseo, created on the occasion of the Floating Piers exhibition by the artist Christo.

The T-Shirts dedicated to cities overlay modern calligraphy texts on high-resolution images of landscapes or important monuments.

We have printed and continue to design various T-shirts representing the most important Italian art cities and their historic villages, including the city where our project was born: Bergamo.

Why choose Arte Gioconda?

  • High quality t-shirts that are eye-catching and can be worn on any occasion
  • All-over print created with innovative techniques
  • Pleasantly soft and colorful materials
  • Collectible T-shirts: to remember the city you visited or to show off your favorite work of art.

If you represent a museum , an art gallery or an information office and want to collaborate with Arte Gioconda, contact us with your ideas!

We are ready to create new products with enthusiasm and always take into account the requests of our customers, even for productions in limited quantities.

Out of respect for the artist we do not add anything to the beauty of the work, but based on the museums' requests we can show a different point of view, so as to encourage the public to explore the details as well.

To find out more, visit our product page!

You will also find other gadgets that we have created for museum libraries: great quality, made in Italy craftsmanship and lots of beauty!

Finally, I'm Valentina, from Bergamo, Italy and I'm the founder of Arte Gioconda. I have two children, Gaia and Gualtiero, and I am married to Giovanni. In the first two photos I am visiting the beautiful Alberto Burri exhibition in Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy (formerly the tobacco dryers), my husband's hometown. In the third I'm in the Dolomites with my family (I hope they never see it, because they might kill me for publishing it...).

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