"Nike" of Samothrace

Spedizione Gratuita

This t-shirt is an artistic representation of the famous statue of Nike of Samothrace, a symbol of victory and triumph .
The statue, originally erected on the island of Samothrace, was a tribute to the deity Nike, the goddess of victory in Greek mythology .

With its outstretched wings and dynamic pose, the statue represents looming victory and triumphant arrival!

On our item of clothing, the figure of Nike is accompanied by the writing " Victory ", which not only refers to the name of the goddess, but also to the concept of triumph and success .
In a modern world where challenges are daily , both on a personal and collective level, the t-shirt wants to be a reminder of the inner power of each of us to overcome obstacles and achieve our own " victory "!
The choice to combine Nike's ancient iconography with a contemporary design means that this t-shirt is not only a fashion item, but also a message of inspiration .
By wearing it, you bring with you a piece of history and a reminder to pursue your goals with determination and courage , just as the goddess of victory would have wanted.
Technical features

The t-shirt is entirely produced in Italy and is made of 100% high quality Italian cotton.


The fit of the t-shirt is oversized, i.e. softer than a classic t-shirt, you can find the measurements of all sizes on this page.

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Our customers:

Raffaella Manzoni

Dressing Art is wonderful! And what's more, they are excellent quality products!

Tiziana Santoni

The t-shirts are of excellent quality and reproduce unique subjects in the world

Stefania Lovat

The iconic images of Italian art made into t-shirts are the most effectively Pop interpretation that can be conceived. Great reproductions, great product!