"Cupid and Psyche" by Canova

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Wear a powerful symbol of eternal love and soul connection with our "Cupid and Psyche" t-shirt.

This majestic sculpture by Canova represents the moment in which Cupid awakens Psyche with a kiss:

Symbolizing not only romantic love, but also the fusion between body and soul, between the physical and the immaterial.

In an era dominated by technology and superficial connections, "Love and Psyche" reminds us of the importance of deep and authentic relationships . It represents the search for a bond that goes beyond the physical , a love that transcends time and space, and that awakens the soul .

By wearing this t-shirt, you bring with you a message of hope and renewed commitment to authentic and profound relationships , in a world where true connection is more precious than ever .

Technical features

The t-shirt is entirely produced in Italy and is made of 100% high quality Italian cotton.


The fit of the t-shirt is oversized, i.e. softer than a classic t-shirt, you can find the measurements of all sizes on this page.

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Our customers:

Raffaella Manzoni

Dressing Art is wonderful! And what's more, they are excellent quality products!

Tiziana Santoni

The t-shirts are of excellent quality and reproduce unique subjects in the world

Stefania Lovat

The iconic images of Italian art made into t-shirts are the most effectively Pop interpretation that can be conceived. Great reproductions, great product!