"Venus" by Botticelli

Spedizione Gratuita


Venus, represented in the famous painting by Botticelli, symbolizes not only external beauty, but above all internal beauty .

In a world dominated by social media and appearances, Venus invites us to rediscover and enhance our authenticity and uniqueness.

His figure, emerging from the waters, represents rebirth and transformation , a warning not to fear changes and to embrace each new phase of life with courage and hope .

This t-shirt is not just an item of clothing, but a daily reminder that true beauty lies in our essence , in the ability to renew ourselves and remain true to ourselves in an ever-changing world.

Technical features

The t-shirt is entirely produced in Italy and is made of 100% high quality Italian cotton.


The fit of the t-shirt is oversized, i.e. softer than a classic t-shirt, you can find the measurements of all sizes on this page.

Size Guide

Our customers:

Raffaella Manzoni

Dressing Art is wonderful! And what's more, they are excellent quality products!

Tiziana Santoni

The t-shirts are of excellent quality and reproduce unique subjects in the world

Stefania Lovat

The iconic images of Italian art made into t-shirts are the most effectively Pop interpretation that can be conceived. Great reproductions, great product!